ARCH 502A: Adaptive M isuse

Adaptive M isuse

As repeatedly making anew is grossly unsustainable given the associated environmental, economic and social costs, many have championed the adaptative reuse of existing things. Too often these actions follow the same predictable pattern, and the automatic virtue ascribed to the conservation of resources ends up substituting for care, craft and invention. We promote an alternative through explicit misuse of something: program, material, structure, method, expectation. We aim to cause some good trouble.

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Course502b_Haas_DianaPerez_CoverPage – Diana Perez

Insurgent Border Wall Architecture

The U.S. and Mexico border wall is a mechanism of separation and control, and this thesis proposal playfully challenges the wall’s intended impermeability through a series of insurgent design operations….

thumbnail – Vivian Chang (1)

Rooftop Activator

As Taipei faces land shortages, the proposed 3-dimensional transportation system – the rooftop activators – will renovate the existing urban situation, which weaves various parts together to form a secondary…

Course502_EricHaas_RyanChang_Thumbnail – Ryan Chang


The infrastructure of a community thrives in “Extra-Socio-Catered” organization of spaces and zoning, countering the influx of “Intra-Home-Catered” lifestyle trends. Interspace recharacterizes the neutral privately owned public space into a…

ARCH502_EricHaas_JunieHuang_Thumbnail – Junie Huang

Reimagining the Obsolete

This project transforms four abandoned longlines microwave towers into unique recreational spaces by revitalizing them with the addition of contextual programs, resulting in fused spaces that attract visitors with their…

Image6 (2) – Gene Tan

Neglected –> Connected

This project reinvigorates the underappreciated and omnipresent essence of Los Angeles’ strip malls. By redefining strip malls as a connected network of public spaces, the proposal shows the possibility for…

Expo Thumbnail – JJ Jin

New Alexandria

Existing libraries resist disorder, failing to subvert banality in their spatial offering to visitors. The book’s identity serves purely as Macguffin and the libraries’ circulatory space drives discovery, employing a…