Award Recipients Gallery: Spring 2021

A gallery of work from the class of 2021 student award recipients. Congratulations to all!

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793a_J. Yolande-Daniels_Haodong-Pan – Haodong Pan

Urban Exhibits

Play is the tool to dedicate the process from psychic space (abstract space) to concrete space. As a player, I am questioning what the city should offer…

210407 793b thesis concept savage44 – Devon Savage

A liminal transfer [Folie 1, 2, 3, 4]

This thesis is driven by an investigation into the liminal spatial conditions of the Salish Sea, a dis-placed place suspended from ordinary time. Four folies mark this…

A32 – Gaurav Kapoor

The Pyramid Fields

The Pyramid Fields is an exercise aimed at producing a design alternative for additions done to masterpiece of architecture in order to preserve the architects original vision,…

Thumbnail – Christina Shin


Sh.tudio also known as shop + studio proposes a new form of work-life in architectural practice. Based on a typical suburban home, Sh.tudio critiques the conventional suburban…


Central Amazon Intellectual Property Complex, Brazil

This project begins by acknowledging the biopiracy conducted by multinational biotech corporations in the Amazon. With patents registered on materials and knowledge pirated from indigenous people, these…

Thumbnail-01 – Irving Tian

Architecture of Machine Systems

Architecture of Machine Systems delves into the parallels between Rube Goldberg machines and architecture. The architecture machine uses words to drive design while rejecting the presumptions of…

ARCH793b_GeoffreyvonOeyen_LouiseRogier_Cover-THUMBNAIL – Louise Rogier

Transformation Strip Malls

Based on 3 different kinds of studies, this thesis project proposes the repurpose and transformation of the single story strip mall near LA Metro stops into communal…

Cover page-01 – Mary Perez

Re gen

Re gen is a proposal for a radical way to recycle local used items through a multi-scale material conversion and repurpose system. The Re gen Cooperative creates…

Arch 793B_ImanAnsari_HieuPhung_Thumbnail – Hieu Phung


Bewilderment is an architecture thesis project exploring the idea of performers as audience and audience as performers. Utilizing architecture strategies, the thesis create scenarios where sensational elements…

502_SaschaDelz_AbriannahAiken_Thumbnail-46 – Abriannah Aiken

Spaces of Expression

Society is riddled with injustice and the built environment is not immune; Architects have a responsibility to actively play a role in making a more just society…

ARCH502a_MaryCasper_NastassjaLafontant_BILLBOARD – Nastassja Lafontant

Bathroom Rituals

Studying Americanized bathroom spaces and how to implement Eastern social factors as if they were Roman bathhouse or sentos. I would argue that the only way to…

ARCH793b_LisaLittle_LuisSalasJImenez_Thumbnail – Luis Salas Jimenez

Invisible Neighbors

There has been an explosion of van dwellers in both our major cities and rural areas and evidence shows that these communities will continue this growing trend….

ARCH 793b_AndyKu_MinyueGe_CoverPage – Minyue Ge

The Elements

The project explores essential graphic elements in an architectural drawing. The combination of architectural drawing and graphics yields new methods of reading the drawings. The drawings illustrate…

CoverPhoto_RushitaVora – Rushita Vora

Embodied Carbon of Wood Construction

The thesis analyses the embodied carbon of different timber structural systems, and also addresses the impact of carbon sequestration and transportation of materials on the embodied carbon…