Undergraduate Final Projects

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Shin_102A_Cover3 – Melissa Shin

Face to Face

After a series of individual exercises that explored live/work scenarios, students collaborated digitally to design likeminded projects for a shared 0.5 acre site in Los…

Yum_FA2020_Expo_Cover – Sandra Yum


Our studio studied domestic rituals and house precedents that looked at how architecture could forge new rituals and create new relationships between its occupants and…


Collaborative Living

The studio introduces the fundamental techniques of constructing orthographic and axonometric projection drawings with the aim to see how these constructs drive design intentions and…

Co-Domo – Andy Ku


Co-Domo is a collection of projects that observe the communal living and live/work environments’ virtues and possibilities. This studio values joint venture design processes and…

20FA-Arch_202a-Berry_Studio-EXPO-cover_image – Rob Berry

Super Future

Have you ever wondered about the superblock of the future, or maybe the future of the superblock? This studio spent the past few months doing…

Shenaia Turner_Collage – Yaohua Wang

Odd Lots

By examining the drawing’s role in interpreting, describing and constructing boundaries across terrains, this studio asks how to think and rethink the relationship between representation…