ARCH 302A: Architectural Design III

Speculations on Co-living and Collective Housing

It could be argued that housing is in the experimental bulls-eye of the architectural discipline as things reshuffle towards the collective, the social and the collapse of life and work. The 302a studio in general explores ways in which the collective or cooperative might offer new thinking about urban housing. Our section in particular adds the emerging social dynamics of co-living/working to speculate on what housing might become. The minimal dwelling meets the maximal collective.

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ARCH302a_Hadrian Predock_Tzu-Tung Chang_Page18 – Tzu-Tung Chang

ARCH302A_HadrianPredock_Katherine Villa-Fuerte_CoverPhoto – Katherine Villa-Fuerte

ARCH302a_HadrianPredock_EsmeraldaAceituno_CoverPage – Esmeralda Aceituno

ARCH302a_HadrianPredock_YihanWang_CoverPhoto – Yihan Wang

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