ARCH 102A: Architectural Design I

Collaborative Living

The studio introduces the fundamental techniques of constructing orthographic and axonometric projection drawings with the aim to see how these constructs drive design intentions and ideas. Through the reciprocity of designing through these drawing types, students addressed the fundamental lessons of, formal organization, shape, spatial definition, light, sequence, and the related disciplinary paradigms of architectural design. Students applied these skills to the design of a structure for dwelling and addressed how certain ideas around rituals of living and working can shape domestic spaces.

The exercise was collaborative in nature. Each project shared a single site with another and asked students to address various orientations, alignments, adjacencies, and to consider the way in which the two dwellings are in dialogue. Through a collaborative working process, students determined how fused or separate they want their projects to be, while testing spatial ideas and concepts specific to their own interpretation of living and working in each dwelling.

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ARCH102a_JuanSalazar_MadisonAshbyandMannyBernardinoJr_Coverpage – Madison Ashby

Arch102a_JuanSalazar_YolanthevanderMostvanSpijk_ImaniEtile_coverphoto – Yolanthe van der Most van Spijk

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