ARCH 102B: Architectural Design I

The Fundamentals of Architecture and Narrative

This studio began by having students extract their own formal systems from fragments of salient architectural works. Students translated these new systems firstly into purely solid systems, then purely surface systems, and finally purely “line” systems. By developing these systems the studio learned the potential spatial meanings behind them and then were asked to create a design on a generic beach site (130’x68′) that would be occupied by either a writer, a chef, or a painter (with a public component for each) that would use one or a combination of these systems to tell the architectural story of how their occupant interacted with the site (considering different scales of occupation as well as the ground condition).

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Cover_Laylah_Fairley_102b_Yum_Sonderfest – Laylah Fairley

ARCH102a_SandrawYum_JeewonKim_Cover – Jeewon Kim