ARCH 202B: Architectural Design II

The Materiality of Schools, Sites, and Sheds

This studio investigates materiality and its representation. Using both the built work and projective drawings of architects associated with the “L.A. School” as a precedent for material experimentation, the studio explores attitudes toward materiality through a series of speculative transformations and design proposals. The final design project is the adaptive reuse of a typical L.A. industrial shed for a small educational space.

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Jose-Botello-Herrera_202B_Rob Berry_Cover – Jose Botello-Herrera

ARCH202A_RobBerry_ChristyKradjian_CoverPhoto – Christy Belle Kradjian

ARCH202b_RobBerry_NatalieRivera_Cover – Natalie Rivera

ARCH202b_RobBerry_RandyRong_CoverPhoto – Randy Rong