ARCH 502: Architectural Design V


As our environment desires for instantaneity and commodity, is it possible for architecture to respond to this currency, to identify culpable territories for immediate engagement and critique? This critical topic examines consumer culture tendencies and insatiable demands for rapid value exchange. It observes the philosophical ambivalence and the uncertainty that architecture habitually faces with the economy and its problems of consumerism. Is architecture commonly cast as a pure discipline in opposition to commerce, ultimately resulting in an adversarial relationship? The fatalist finds this affiliation inevitable, sometimes in dispute, however, in the end, is unwilling to live without it? And so, the thriving for-profit doer may not merely yield to the system, but also relish it? With multiple vantages and perspectives, Markets attempt to build upon this diverse material in search of intellectual propositions, inviting productive coursework and dialogue for contribution and exchange.

We can unravel the Market as a series of circulations, a terrain for traffic and trade, that is managed by desire and necessity. Market is a place for active reciprocity that stores and exhibits a collection of goods and values for servicing rituals and therapy. Market is for multitudes, promoting spectacle and assortments of worth. As a hub for life sustenance and aspiration, it is both dynamic and volatile. Market is an instrument for monetization and duty, and, at its core, a competition platform for access and distribution. Market serves as a timepiece with moving parts that cycle through vitality. Market performs the role of a gallery for packaging design, a runway for all seasons to participate. Market converses in commonality, following people and vice versa. Market is a city of artistry in logistics and labor, speculatively an alley for data choreography. Market celebrates harvest and cultivation, treasuring blessings, and celestial prosperity from all regions. Market is the grounds for learning and appreciation, willingly exposing all work and open for due diligence.

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