ARCH 793b: Collage Polemics and Operative Fictions

Collage Polemics and Operative Fictions

Collage polemics and operative fictions allow the designer to choose many narrative paths in order to arrive at a visual argument. Visual aesthetics and wordsmithing play an important role, not just in the telling of the story, but also in blurring the boundaries between near-future architecture grounded in the “now” and the tectonics of future-perfect fantasy delineated through lines, pixels, prose, and constructed realities. Operative fictions do not produce a singular project, but rather lead to a collage of structural syntax, material mélange, and programmatic atmosphere, all with distinct architectural resonance.

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ARCH 793b_JohnSouthern_RunyuWang_CoverPhoto – Runyu Wang

Nexus Bridge

Nexus Bridge is a sustainable architectural intervention along the Los Angeles River that collages water filtration systems, waste management strategies, and renewable energy sources with architectural elements to create a…