ARCH 793AB: Construction, Abstracted

Instructor: Ryan Tyler Martinez

Construction, Abstracted

The goal of this studio was to create a platform for students to understand and develop a thesis topic that supports current trends of architectural discussion in today’s context. Specifically, the studio looked at ‘Construction, Abstracted’ as a disciplinary problem. Throughout the semester, students were asked to participate in a series of assignments that engaged in conversations and theories on this topic. The section focused primarily on different ways of working, both through modes of techniques for accidental and deliberate disciplinary misbehavior to help students argue and position their placement within a larger architectural discourse. Additionally, the studio explored the possibility of misaligning work for creative speculation.

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Jie Zhang_MArch 24_Martinez_From the Impossibleness_image

From the Impossibleness

According to Wikipedia, an impossible object is a type of optical illusion that consists of a two-dimensional figure which is instantly and naturally understood as representing a projection of a…

Quinn Wilbert_MArch24_Martinez_Clothes Make Character_Image

Clothes Make Character

Buildings have character. Whether perceived as familiar backdrops, quirky scenery, or tasteless eyesores, this personification intensifies our relationship with architecture. This perception of character can impose upon the practice of…

JBrand GracePoillucci_MArch 24_Martinez_A world much like our own_image

A world much like our own

Prompted by an interest in the individual’s personal relationship to and authorship over the built environment, A world much like our own is an experiment in placemaking. Through this experiment,…


Block Breaker

Analyzing the fusion of film and architecture, a satellite festival grounds for Cannes in Barcelona aims to celebrate Spanish cinema history and ignite urban renewal. Nestled within L’exiample, known for…