ARCH 605B: Graduate Architecture Design - Comprehensive

L.A. Med-hive

The L.A. MED-HIVE represents a re-envisioning of the community resource center already found in piecemeal fashion throughout the Los Angeles. While these centers usually are housed in rented store fronts, or in Parks and Recreation Buildings, a more strategic and improved system of these public resources could be made available in the neighborhoods that need them most, and with a more advanced system of community care integrated into their program as well. Designed as a comprehensive building project to be collection of hybrid community programs, the Expo Med-Hive will primarily exist as a health clinic and medical training hub that will be staffed by medical students and faculty from both USC and UCLA.

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ARCH605b_JenniferSiegal_Akdora_Ibeanusi_Spindel_Cover – Ilana Spindel

ARCH605b_JohnSouthern_BriceSchiano_LindsayLeon_CoverPhoto – Brice Schiano

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