ARCH 502A: Architectural Design V

Life/Work Practice

Our 502 degree studio section extends the discourse developed in the 501 seminar into discursive and polemical positions related to life-practice (live/work) speculations, ultimately manifested in the design of life/work space(s). Students will invent new versions of life-practice spaces and speculate about new models of living and practicing architecture – some more individually oriented, others more collective, dynamic and communal. Each student will bring specific identities to their life-practices: cultural codes, spatial gradients, policies, ideals, styles, and positions. Students will progressively design their life-practices from the rituals and policies, to the spaces and tools. Each student will propose their own version of a life/work architecture practice. Design proposals will vary depending on the student, ranging from highly synthetic hybrids of life/work to distributed and linked ideas of life/work. It is expected that the projects are complete works of architecture with developed interiors and associated ephemeral objects such as furniture, tools, etc.

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Daughenbaugh_Andrew_Final_0510_Page_01 – Andrew Daughenbaugh

Arch502_Hadrian-Predick_James-McLeish_Thumbnail-10 – James McLeish

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