ARCH 502A: Jimenez Lai

Undergraduate Thesis Studio – Jimenez Lai

Thesis is a time to draw, write, and project. It is a time to speculate one’s own future, while articulating the starting positions of one’s own positions. Thesis is also a time to theatrically present a sense of occasion by constructing a platform to perform the idea that the student drew, wrote, and projected. It is a time to ask oneself: what is the notion of “good” in one’s own work? What is good? The community self v. the hermit self? The choice may be simple at times, or we might say that there does not need to be a choice at all.

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Course502A_JimenezLai_DaniloConcha_CoverPage – Danilo Concha Diaz

Spectral Diffusion

Natural light shapes the interaction between human perception and the use of form. By contributing this element of fundamental significance when designing a space, light can be controlled through specific…

ARCH502A_Lai_EsmeraldaAceituno_CoverPhoto – Esmeralda Aceituno

Healing Habitation

Although one in two people will develop a form of cancer in their lifetime, the experience of healing from cancer is an extremely personal one. For patient’s experiencing harsh treatments…