ARCH 692bL: Building Science Thesis

Carbon Accounting Tool(CAT) in BIM: An Embodied Carbon Plug-in for Revit

Carbon Accounting Tool (CAT), a new software program, was created with .Net Framework using Visual Studio (VS). A class library was created in VS and associated with Revit API.dll to implement the interface between VS and Revit.
The plug-in can read the element materials of the building model and calculate the total amount of embodied carbon for each material in the current volume according to the predefined carbon spreadsheet or customized for a Revit 3D model.
Then the user can freely select the tree types in different climate zones according to the building location or select the tree mass, and make the current building carbon neutral according to the predefined annual CO2 absorption of each tree or unit tree mass.
Finally, the user can find out how many carbon credits to purchase and the price in the last step of the carbon trading interface in plug-in if there is any remaining carbon that cannot be neutralized in the front step.