ARCH 793AB: Cultural Practice

Instructor: Andy Ku

Cultural Luminescence – Integrative Urban Hubs for Ritualistic Practices

In an era where architectural aesthetics are increasingly leaning towards addressing the nuanced spiritual and emotional needs of humanity, there is a compelling need to give voice to these subtle desires through inventive spaces. This thesis argues for the establishment of
multifaceted urban hubs, seamlessly integrated within the global urban context of metropolises such as Berlin, New York, and Kyoto, Japan. These hubs are envisioned as spaces for cultural and ritualistic communication and practices, meticulously woven to capture the delicate interplay of light and shadow, thereby narrating an inviting, psychological realm for its occupants.

The investigation of light’s intensity, purity, saturation, and temperature is incorporated into the design of the modules. Through comparative analysis of the effects of lighting at different times of the day and at different locations, I intend to create optimal scenarios for performing ritualistic practices in urban cities. This project is Empirical, Personal, and Reflective.