ARCH 793B: Architecture Directed Design Research Gallery - Composite Figures: Design Innovation Toward Resilient Housing Communities in Los Angeles

Dwelling on Water

By 2100, climate will be the world’s biggest problem. Most large cities in the world, like Los Angeles, will be exposed to the problem of sea-level rising, which forces people to rethink habitat and housing.

This project reinvents a new form of community-focused architecture that could both stand on land and float above water when sea level rises. It provides affordable housing, with public spaces and other amenities available for the local community. FRP material with some great characteristics can be utilized to build modular units have the possibility to realize a simpler, more efficient, and faster building construction mode. This form is self-iterative, can transform and adapt to new needs. A larger scale community that can accommodate more people can be formed through the combination of several modular units, making life on the water possible.