ARCH 642L: Landscape Architecture Design Gallery: The Future of Land Care in Los Angeles

Evergrow: Cultivating our connection to the land

Through our research, we have found that there are many weaknesses with the current labor model; specifically, gardeners with little educational training, using fuel-powered tools, driving long hours along a route, and homeowners who are not involved in the maintenance process. We have created Evergrow to help combat these problem. Evergrow is a mobile application that was made to reconnect homeowners with the land and with the laborers of the land; it is a platform which makes ecological gardening accessible to all. The app provides services to connect and create a dialogue between homeowner and “Green Gardener,” while educating both parties on ecological enhancement and maintenance. We envision at home gardening to transform into a partnership between homeowner and Green Gardener, creating sustainable and beautiful gardens gradually over time.