ARCH 698B: MLA Advanced Design Research Gallery: Home Territory: Studies for the Democratization of Civic Space

Home Territory: Past and Present Sanctuary

I’m working on assessing the potential of the Elysian Park area to reinstate the ancient reciprocal relationship between people and sanctuary, so that individuals in need can be supported and also support the sanctuary that shelters them, articulating an attractive alternative to existing methods to assist unhoused individuals, because I believe that there is no reason to criminalize the mere existence of an individual, and in hopes of alleviating the unhoused crisis supporting the situations of at-risk youth and the mentally ill, and in hopes of healing and recovering the ancestral relation to the land and the physical and biological manifestations of that relation through syncretic practices of commonality, these strategies are being assessed in their potential to turn this past and present sanctuary into one where people and land can heal together through reciprocity and congruence.