ARCH 698B: MLA Advanced Design Research Gallery: Home Territory: Studies for the Democratization of Civic Space


This is a research about unhoused people and their accessibility to food, conducted during the pandemic. Yau Tsim Mong District has the highest amount of unhoused population in Hong Kong. As covid-19 restrictions published in April 2020, the absence of 24-hour-fast-food restaurants, 24-hr public parks, and public buildings have caused the unhoused population to flee to the underpass of Exit L6 and the open spaces of Cultural Museum. After interviewing elder unhoused members, I found their hardships and misinformation in learning about the existing food donation system.
This project aims reduce their hardships in accessing food by enhancing the existing food donation systems, this project focuses on sharing all the available information of food access options (including the recent food vouchers donation activity by chained stores and NGO’s) for the unhoused population, to bring dignity to eating, and to increase opportunities for people in need to achieve self-sufficiency.