ARCH 499: Exhibiting the Body of Architecture

Liminal L.A.

Placelessness as a measure of time.

This collection of photographs and short videos depicts liminal threshold conditions across Los Angeles County. Unlike liminal spaces within remote and natural environments such as an inland sea, where transitions overlap one another in an almost gradient-like existence, liminality in the urban context (at least spatially) appears legibily defined or marked by clear barriers: fencing, surveillance, infrastructural massing all mark entry and departure. Entering these liminal spaces in the city often means stepping into the fringed edges of its center: into no-where lands where few people anchor, oft layered with industrial movement. Oil derricks, shipping containers stacked and reorganized by fields of endless rigs and levies, cargo ships waiting to be ushered into the Port of L.A. – a sort of suspension of time in space. Pathways connecting the city’s components while remaining almost separate parallel universes.

At the limen – i.e. at the border – of symbolic boundaries.