ARCH 642L: Landscape Architecture Design

Seaming the city: Redesign of Oakwood south edge

Under the influence of the racial red line, the separation between Oakwood and other Venetian regions has been reflected in many ways. The project tries to reconnect the split. Based on the research, sustainable cities are an urgent problem to be solved. In order to achieve sustainable development, the project combines social, environmental, and economic considerations. Under the socio-economic strategy, proposed new affordable housing, and added more commercial functions to the existing commercial street of Abbot Kinney. And use public places and public places to reflect black people Culture, which will bring more tourism revenue. The second strategy considers environmental and economic sustainability. Although the rainy season in Los Angeles is short, the rainy season receives a lot of rainfall. Therefore, the rainfall resonance system was created to solve this problem. In terms of society and the environment, in order to increase the area of green space used by residents, more public spaces are proposed for multiple functions.