ARCH 793B: Architecture Directed Design Research Gallery: Directed Design Research

Shining Triangles and Ramps

Based on case study about Olgiati’s Swiss International Center, I found some interesting items especially the confilct between simple rectangle shapes and diagonal walls. In order to balance the simple outfit, Olgiati makes a lot of intersting ideas for the interior design. For my perspective, it is a bold attempt to use briliant inner space to balance very simple shapes or volumes outside. Therefore, Yaohua brings me the assignment to use triangles and stairs (or ramps) to establish my building. Since Olgiati has already brought me nice inspiration, I also decide to make a public cultural building: Exhibition Hall in Hefei Economic Zone. By using the looping ramps inside the space, I divided the the polygon into many slices of triangles, so the basic elements (ramps and triangles) are perfectly combined.