ARCH 698B: MLA Advanced Design Research Gallery: Home Territory: Studies for the Democratization of Civic Space

Social justice for next generation: emotional therapy for unhoused children

We have more sense than ever to be part of the entire human race this year. We have more awareness of establishing a collective consciousness whether because of health, political or social reasons. A severe homeless crisis that has been exacerbated by our current pandemic, leading us to consider our society as whole to offer unique solutions to address this issue in terms of environment justice, social justice, and even fairness to the next generation.The topic I am studying is the homeless children who lives on street with mental health in Los Angeles, because I want to learn how shared civic space can support their participation with housed children through integrated community programming to better understand how to decrease the traumatic impact of homeless children and to provide a process towards a brighter future. The project starts with considering these special groups of people, their needs, simulating their daily route and how they use the spaces, and test design ideas how to create a beautiful but practical and interactive space so that children will smile unconsciously and arouse emotional resonance when they use the space. It represents the relationship between people and city, the relationship between people and the things they see. It is will be a place full of emotional therapy and joy.