ARCH 692B: Building Science Thesis

Streamlining Precast Back-Frame Design: Automated Design Using Revit Plug-In

With the growing pace in the building industry, the amount of time given for building design is reducing, and designers must make quick and timely decisions. Currently the traditional 2D design techniques used to create precast panels do not meet the needs of the customer in both quality and speed. As a result, many industries have already made the transition of moving from 2D to using building information modeling software. The software can be further approved by developing plug-ins in C# for simple or complex tasks by working with the interface of the software (Revit API). A tool was developed to help frame a project quicker by identify the panel dimensions and placing the anchors in the correct positions. This plugin automates less complex panels allows the façade engineers, alleviating some of their work. A second tool helps with documentation by quickly and easily making shop drawings and enabling the configurations of shop drawing templates. After the panels are framed, the shop drawings are setup.