ARCH 793B: Architecture Directed Design Research Gallery: Innovation Through Mastery

X-SPACE: In between Circulations and Programs

During the modern period, Architecture has always been seen as a combination of programs and circulations between them. For most of the modern movement, the main event was about exploring the programs, and the circulation was merely a way to make the program elements accessible. People are under serving circulation by minimizing it and almost giving it a neglected status. Since in some extent, programs is stands for more efficiency and served space, and circulations means servant for it. More generally, the rising attention on efficiency leads to a fast-pace lifestyle and a decreasing interaction with people.What if I treat circulations as the main part, and weaken the impact of programs?

My thesis is about exploring how circulation could be expanded to take advantage of positive attributes of programs, and how it overlapped with programs and other types of spaces, reversing the proportions and status of programs and circulations, guiding people to focus both efficiency and leisure time.