ARCH 793B: Architecture Directed Design Research

Graphic Intervention

This Architecture Directed Design Research engages studies on graphic agents and agencies that influence architectural thinking and design approaches. The graphic medium has a historical and developmental relationship in architecture. Notably, it has manifested in both discipline and practice as a series of canonical conversations and cultural entities. Graphics research comprises a visual language and system that explains and delivers spatial understanding while informing and demonstrating agendas, concerns, and processes for making.

The strength of graphics, -graphic, or -graph as adjective combining form, expands, couples, and modifies multiple research areas. This course section seeks to recognize diverse territories and degrees of malleability in graphic interventions at various scales and dimensions. Mindful of different visual arts production techniques for making architecture and ways to contribute to the design culture, we stake in and pursue a critical examination.

Graphics confront the cultural politics between high and low and East vs. West. It is powerful when activating the direct spatial and material experiences that mediate the public in physical and virtual environments. Each project with its references and precedents extends the graphic knowledge for each research proposal to immerse in a vibrant social and cultural perspective for advancing project resolution and discoveries.

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