ARCH 793B: Architecture Directed Design Research Gallery: Graphic Intervention

Form the Joyful

“Pleasure is the goal of play” by Takefumi, who using brick and figurative graphic to guide the design.

While kids play Lego, the higher they get, more joyful comes, even the brick claps in a fragmented state, it also show its aesthetic.

We stack out our model with brick, we can change the form and shape of it. Then we imagine the Lego toy scale larger and larger gradually, until we can drill into it, until we can walk into it, or even larger.
I feel part of the joyful comes from this imagination, the possibility we can operate the shape, the potential we can interact with it, get physical Acceleration, Movement from it.
The project want to apply the playful feeling from ‘toys’, test what pleasure can be bring into our living environment by logical and rational geometry shape.