ARCH 102B: Architectural Design I Gallery: Architectural Primitives: Geometric and Mythological

Becoming Nature

Environment becomes more stranger to humans than ever before. Thus, my project attempts to foster this relationship by creating an environmentally interactive reading and writing space for a writer. Reading and writing spaces are two separate pavilions as two ways of engaging with nature. The reading space is designed with multiple surfaces small to large from inside to outside for the client to blend in with nature while he is reading. The writing pavilion cherishes nature formally. Its interior space is carved out from a solid shelter to mimic the cave-like quality and capped by the ocean view at the end. The design drives the writer through dramatic feelings (close and then open) that potentially inspire him to take adventurous approaches in writing and provokes precious appreciation for nature. The hybrid library in-between combines these two viewpoints to strengthen the relationship between the writer and written materials.