ARCH 302A: Architectural Design III Gallery: Co-op City – Housing for the Collective Good: From Minimal Dwelling to Maximal Housing

Collective Garage – 3S

The Scavenge, Salvage, Supply (3S) Co-op project aims to find ways to reuse materials in different ways on each of the 3 sites. Local salvageable materials are brought onto the sites either to be made into art pieces or furniture, while untouched ingredients from local restaurants and fast food chains will be used to make meals for the homeless and those in need. Committees made up of the Co-op’s residents and volunteers from the community will help operate and manage the programs and keep both the residential environment and recycling business running smoothly.

This site, called the Collective Garage, is located near the residential side of Leimert Park, and is targeted towards family living needs. The ground floor provides free public access to wood workshop tools for repairs while also gathering unwanted and used materials from the local neighborhood to repurpose into new usable furniture. The Co-op’s construction itself heavily reflects its reuse and transformation of found objects ideals.