ARCH 402B: Architectural Design IV Gallery: CITY X: Venice Biennale Proposals for Xiong'An New Area

Digital Renaissance

The development of digital technology has once reshaped our society. But it has been seen as a threat to human experience by some people as digital technology pierces us from our context and physical connection to others. Yet in a foreseeable future, digital technology could be used as a tool to enhance human to human and human to environment relationship. With augmented reality technology being implemented on an urban scale, a city becomes both site specific and site-less. And its citizens could experience things far beyond the boundary of the city relying on the city’s physical form. As a result, individual experience is not personal anymore, but as part of a collective urban sensation. Experience at this point relies on real world interaction with the environment and other people instead of the abstract virtual internet. On a building scale, our projects seek to experiment with future technologies and re-imagine how daily activities would be impacted.