ARCH 202B: Architectural Design II Gallery: The Materiality of Schools, Sites, and Sheds

Geoffrey Li’s Incomplete Completeness

This project investigates the idea of Incomplete Completeness, which arises from the original design of the Venice III house by Morphosis. This paradoxical condition can be seen with the existing interior allowing for clear, intentional navigation through the space, in a state of completeness, whereas incompleteness is shown in the various forms of intrusiveness in the building, with the change or absence of materials and the disruptions resulting from misaligned walls and irregular spaces. However, in the design of this kindergarten school housed within a clerestory shed, Incomplete Completeness becomes more about the intrusiveness that arises from the transitions between the different conditions throughout the school in both the horizontal and the vertical directions on the macro scale as well as the stepping of the levels on the micro scale.