ARCH 202B: Architectural Design II Gallery: The Detail Tells the Tale

Inquisitiveness Both Reveals and Conceals

My project uses the action of folding to create hidden mechanisms, spaces, and views to evoke inquisitiveness within the user. Project 01 reveals and conceals the inner mechanisms of joints and space to create a sequential Living Structure that appears to be a box from the outside and only after being inquisitive and interacting with the space, will one begin to experience the hidden mechanisms within the structure. Project 02 begins to focus on the materiality of skins within a Temporary Structure in Santa Barbara, CA. The deteriorating materials of the structure contrast against the surrounding site, offer people the ability to view through and above the “walls,” as well as offer clues on how the space is to be used. Finally, Project 03 is the Botanical Garden of Inquisitiveness and Exploration and is designed as a response to Santa Barbara’s current efforts to conserve its ecology. The structure is mainly located underground, however from above creates a maze-like system that helps the user experience and view space through a series of frames and native vegetation.