ARCH 102B: Architectural Design I Gallery: Skills with misconceits, misnomers, and minutiae

Lake and Library

The library is designed for people to enjoy various environmental features such as a lake, the sky, and a hill. Both two main buildings, separated by a path, consist of a reference room, a reading area, and a core space where the stair and gathering space are combined. Even though two structures are separated, they are connected with a bridge, which makes the whole structure into a single building. Then the building makes another path for people that connects the lake and the hill, which is the main idea of the design, ‘Connecting the environment and people’. Users will not be aware, when they enter the building from the main entrances, that they are in a portion of the building designed as a part of the site because the exterior and interior design of the structure physically isolate all the spaces from the site. However, people are still able to use the surrounding nature both inside and outside of the library.