ARCH 302B: Architectural Design III Gallery: Re-thinking the LA industrial vernacular and the long span tradition

Leimert Park Community Center

As a cumulative exploration on vernacular shed typology within urban context, this project is based on the concept of having porous floor plans from point-and-grid glulam column&beam system, with glass and concrete as the main material for ground and facades. The roof is a vaulted shell, being a collection of 2 layers of arched steel beams connected with steel cables, with polycarbonate and corrugated metal panels as the membrane. For ground floor, by having glass barriers as security lines instead of solid enclosure it was celebrating that visual accessibility from the street, allowing more skylight to come in, and make the ground floor environment more public to people in the neighborhood, while the open-to-air quality embellished with that interior greenness is making the void spaces more occupiable. Stairs are connecting from the open space at the bottom to a second floor Mezzanine where people have visual access to both the ground space with quite a great floor height, and the views to the urban landscape outside.