ARCH 102B: Architectural Design I Gallery: Architectural Primitives: Geometric and Mythological

Painting Venice

This project was designed for a Painter who specializes in watercolor landscape paintings. It takes three different structures (dwelling, room, furniture) and explores how these structures and their respective systems relate to the ground. The dwelling becomes the most individualized space for the client and the public by creating a series of painting studios and a large gallery space to exhibit work. The dwelling is integrated completely into the ground and it works with the ground to create intimate spaces, diffused light conditions to protect artwork integrity, and to control movement throughout the space. The room has a conversation with the ground where there are parts that are integrated within the ground and others that start lifting from the ground. This Pavilion is more of a stand-alone gallery workspace that invites the public to view work as they transition through spaces or paint on the walls if they please. Finally, the furniture pavilion’s system is what dictates how the ground towards the water is designed, allowing for a series of various scaled triangles to create smaller spaces of solitude and larger spaces of congregation.