ARCH 202B: Architectural Design II Gallery: The Materiality of Schools, Sites, and Sheds

Suspended Animation

Centering on the LA School’s infatuation with the reveal of the material and structural systems behind everyday architecture, this projects seeks to reconsider the material and structural systems of the shed and of conventional LA architecture as functional elements in the context of a kindergarten. By suspending and elevating the bow truss structure, a new completely flexible space can exist below, while above it, a catwalk space exclusively for children allows them to play and relax independently. In place of conventional walls, transparent, flexible and movable systems allow for a hyper-flexible and adaptable program design that is simultaneously made more functional. The result is a space reminiscent of a construction site or a complex machine, with suspended and moving parts, where children’s curiosity is promoted through reinterpreted materials and an open space, without being an obstacle to them.