ARCH 202A: Architectural Design II Gallery: Environmental Design: Personal Space, Street Space, City Space

The Basis of Delight

The current situation of Burbank enlists importation as the main source of resource. This superblock proposes the concept that a sustainable urban farm is able to provide delight to the community by replacing outside sources with a system of energy displacement within the community. As the main functions of a city are stacked based on needs- sustainable farm, market, residential, and skate park- then an interconnection of these programs form. Energy displacement is established between levels, increasing as it ascends from bottom to top layers. Increased material fragmentation allows for sun and water to reach the bottom layer. An irrigation system runs through, powered on renewable energy established at the residential level and designed to recycle water use. While the overall structure is linear energy displacement, an interrelationship develops in the layers- allowing for all four sustainability, market, live, and delight to be interwoven and interconnected on all levels. If a city can function sustainably and replace the importation of goods with infrastructure, then that community will prosper and prove that at the base of the city’s delight is sustainability.