Instructor: Jimenez Lai

The Bridges Over LA

My thesis supports the idea of adding bridges and walkways to the Los Angeles Downtown area for connectivity, accessibility, and facilitated pedestrian routes that assist the public in populating LA. Bridging and connecting buildings would be an innovative approach to urban renewal, demonstrating how disused infrastructure can be repurposed to create valuable and aesthetically pleasing public walkways and spaces that allow the public to experience lateral connections through LA city. With elevated walkways pedestrian accessibility would ensure individuals, including those with mobility challenges can easily reach and navigate through bridging pathways without the conflict of elevated streets and going through trafficked streets. The goal of designing alternate walking routes is to have pedestrian accessibility through existing billings, and transfer floors that create inclusive and enjoyable spaces for people to engage with their surroundings and the Los Angeles skyline. Incorporating this into the design process of projects would contribute to urban revitalization, providing, having availability to private secluded spaces and bringing people to Downtown Los Angeles.