ARCH 202A: Architectural Design II Gallery: Environmental Design: Personal Space, Street Space, City Space

The Circulation of Health

Analysis of the city of Burbank reveals an apparent overall health concern for both the inhabitants and the physical town space that has been accumulated by smaller, additive factors. This proposal forms a new system of urban planning that is derived from the goal to reduce vehicular traffic and, in turn, increase pedestrian activity to create a safer, healthier lifestyle. Prioritizing the health of the citizens within this super-block has restored a connection to nature and provided unavoidable physical activity, easy access to essentials, and a connected community to all individuals regardless of class demographic. Experiencing the space involves an alternation between indoor and outdoor living as well as a rotation of activity type and movement intensity. This project preserves the environment as well as commercial necessities in order to define a relationship between the urban take on motion and health, thus inheriting its own circulation of sustainable function.