ARCH 202A: Architectural Design II Gallery: A “SUPER!” BLOCK

The Community Food Market Superblock

My superblock challenges diversity specifically in food that I have found a lack of when researching Burbank in my context diagrams. I incorporated three programs laid out in a grid technique that I have been experimenting with this semester using the existing lines of the site. The first program is residential housing. It will be open to all family sizes and income levels, as well as, there will be specific blocks that will be dedicated to student housing to accommodate the surrounding universities. Within the residential blocks, there will be a variety of room sizes and the student blocks will have study spaces designed to allow students to prosper. The second program is the community center which is a social place of gathering for the residents of the superblock, residents of Burbank, and visitors who come to Burbank. It will include educational after school programs for all grade levels to a university level and programs for all ages from newborn to elder. It is meant to host activities and events including everyone and different cultures. The third program is the food market both permanent and temporary. The permanent market will hold a variety of foods from different cultures around the world. There are restaurants within the markets to be able to try the food being sold in the markets. The temporary markets are oriented towards seasonal produce, events, and sellers. The purpose for this superblock is meant to bring the community together through these three programs that are meant to be intertwined and spread out throughout the site to represent to diversity the programs will add to Burbank.