ARCH 202B: Architectural Design II Gallery: The Detail Tells the Tale

The Evolution of a Lazy Steel

When I think of the word lazy, I think of someone who does not want to stand up, or someone who tries to expend the least amount of energy possible. This trait however, makes them very efficient in combining the tasks they may have to accomplish. Droopy and flimsy steel I-beams are held in place by a large welded-web stiffener shelf, that acts as a structural support, storage space, and ladder, mimicking how a lazy person would use one object for multiple tasks. Transforming from a loose and droopy lazy to a semi-rigid form, my re-imagined living structure in Project 2 uses a ramp as its main structure to lead users through a continuous communal library loop. Utilizing similar principles from my 1st project, within the ramp or welded web stiffener shelf, there are places where people can sit or lay to read instead of having to constantly stand or walk. Leading to my project 3 titled “Bagels, Waffles, and Shish Kabobs”, I used more controlled forms such as filets and simple curves to define the transition to a controlled lazy. This is a place where one could not only better his/her skating, but also get instructions and learn from a local Venetian about the history and culture of Venice that is becoming hidden by all the new tourism and revenue in the community.