ARCH 202A: Architectural Design II Gallery: A “SUPER!” BLOCK

The Farming Community Superblock

The Farming Community Superblock investigates the need for urban farming in future cities to address food deserts, respond to the lack of community within city blocks, promote a local way of living, and incorporate sustainability. The design explores how filleted and curved lines, extracted from the grid of Burbank, intersect and disrupt one another to create pockets of different farming conditions for residents and visitors to experience. Intersections begin to challenge the orthogonal condition of the masses by informing cutouts, green insets, and new forms. Greenery is incorporated in both the vertical and horizontal conditions and treated as walls, community space, and food supply. The production of produce invites the public to visit the superblock for farmer’s markets and community gardens which serve as a community activity and also as an exhibition for the public to learn more about local farming.