ARCH 202B: Architectural Design II Gallery: The Detail Tells the Tale

The Hillside Homestead

This project synthesizes the “not-so-subtle” development of sliding, layering, and reinterpreting of materials within the course. The dichotomy between meticulous, overt framing tactics and ambiguous, iconographic signage inspired this project to become a space that caters to all types of individuals within Laguna Beach, California. “Homesteading” reminds residents of the city’s rich history and resourcefulness by providing hillside access for planting, terraces for dehydrating, and internal spaces for the consumption of – quite literally – the fruits of labor.

The narrative of the Misfit Artist ties back to my initially “subtle” exploration of how steel, concrete, and masonry elements could interact with one another. As an outcast to this trendy town, he sees past the intimidating steel beams and size, observing the subtle spaces that take him through the entire process of, let’s say, pickling a peach! He gets lost in these lost practices, and discovers more about each department as he lets them bring color and life to his day.