ARCH 202A: Architectural Design II Gallery: Environmental Design: Personal Space, Street Space, City Space

The Parklets of Burbank

This project expands upon how vital outdoor spaces are to a community in the new era of COVID, more now than ever. These spaces allow for congregation, community and a sense of delight. Looking at Burbank, I felt that there was a lack of outdoor space. In regards to COVID, I knew that more outdoor space was necessary and vital to the future to bring our communities together. Learning from a Matt typology this project develops a series of open spaces regulated on a grid to promote delight within a community. The first grid at each node there is an Open Park site. On the second grid, with each node there is a Parklet Zone. The delight in this project is explored through eight different Parklets and two Open Parks. Each corresponds to current social distancing protocols and is designed for the new normal in our world. Each Parklet and Open Park zones range in difference from more public to more private and identified with a series of different programs, which increases outdoor activity from places to exercise, a place to study, places to eat, places to meditate, and many more. With the variation from Parklet to Open Park Space the community can fully find different types of delight between build spaces in response to their own personal interests. Finally, the community of Burbank can fully immerse themselves in a new environment with increased outdoor space to partake in fun activities, which is vital in our new world of COVID.