ARCH 202B: Architectural Design II Gallery: The Detail Tells the Tale

The Public Records its Public Records

In this project, the operation of Float is used to interpret the definition of Charisma structurally as it embodies the intangible charm, allure of mystery, and delightful tension that is felt during interactions with Charismatic individuals. Re-defined precedent joints of P1 inform the public/private separation of zones in a cantilevering Living Structure built for its Social Climber occupant. The separation of occupancy zones continues into P2, where a Temporary Bookbinding Center brings residents in a Texas town together in an attempt to revitalize the area near historic railroad tracks. Local materials are readapted to be multifunctional: cavities in CMU house books while other parts extrude to form steps, glass blocks reflect light off of the stream below while its metal frame creates storage for binding supplies, and perforated rusted metal sheets tilt off one another to produce layered thresholds when used as doors and allude to pages of a book flying away when used as a roofing material.

The documentation of personal narratives continues in the P3 Film Center storyboard that follows a real estate developer father and his student-athlete daughter through the lens of a film spectator and film creator respectively. An archive of prompts left by previous visitors inspires the duo as they circulate through a collection of digital and analog film storage, a cafe, a reference library, writing and screening rooms, sets, and film labs. Passing trains allude to fast-moving frames of film during projections, and the overall form of the structure is made of stacked and rotated modules to resemble cargo box cars coming off of the tracks that cut through the center. Metal framing directs views from the exterior into interior spaces on the bottom level while working to do the opposite as the levels rise and transition from spectator areas to film production zones.