ARCH 202A: Architectural Design II Gallery: A “SUPER!” BLOCK

The Superblock of Connection

“The Superblock of Connection” aims to connect all the systems of transportation in order to create direct movements from one building to another. Based on the research, the different speeds of existing transportation segregate Burbank into different zones, disabling residents to freely travel back and forth between the residential, commercial and park spaces. The Superblock addresses those problems by generating the five different bands of movements that cut through the site: vehicular road, bike paths, garden paths, running paths, and hiking paths. The circulations add a sectional quality to the suburban Burbank, as they not only carve out the residential-commercial complexes above the ground level, but also the underground with the metro station. The two different roof conditions – terraced and angled with courtyard – provide add additional green spaces and programs such as rooftop garden, skateboard park, rock climbing center, metro center, and outdoor cinema for the community.