ARCH 202A: Architectural Design II Gallery: A “SUPER!” BLOCK

The Superblock of Connection Separation

My superblock is the superblock of connection separation and tackles the idea of maintaining separation but still connecting everything together to create a sense of community and mobility throughout the superblock. The superblock, itself, is a large botanic garden that can benefit from the climate and provide the whole area with a centralized green open space. The garden will also utilize the benefits of the climate and focus on mobility and easy access to act as a central attraction for the whole city, and it will also weave the city together to help solve the problems of the area being separated (as seen in the existing context diagrams). Furthermore, the block itself embodies the idea of having things separated and connected at the same time and underlines this feature throughout many of its key features such as buildings, circulation, and gardens (e.g. central greenhouse + lake has diagonal elements extending outward to create secondary pathways to connect the separation between the central greenhouse + lake and the residents + rest of the botanic garden). The superblock further tackles the element of connection/separation in publicness through its control of program and transportation (with limits to allow a gradient of public to private as the layers go up). With the superblock embodying the ideals of connection separation, the superblock acts as a linked system that allows the public and the residents to thrive together in the superblock and maintain the idea of community and mobility.