ARCH 102B: Architectural Design I Gallery: On Perspective: Analysis and Spatial Narratives


TheMarket project sprouted from a one-point perspective video of Broadway Av. in DTLA. I went on to analyze this perspective video in a 2D drawing (focusing on the figures the signs made, along with the grid-like forms of the buildings and how together these work together to enhance the depth of the vanishing point), and in a 3D video (where I warped the depth through the manipulation of the grid of the buildings and the thickness of the signs). Influenced by these, I later created plans and sections which combined, eventually resulted in the central building which is TheMarket place itself. For the site, I was influenced by the idea of a focalized circulation, leading me to make it in a way where people are guided to the central point, similarly to how my 2D & 3D analysis are manifested. In TheMarket we see the performers being the Chefs along with the architecture which work together to enhance the client’s experience as they walk through observing, smelling and tasting all there is to offer at TheMarket.