ARCH 102B: Architectural Design I Gallery: Architectural Primitives: Geometric and Mythological

Umimi Bento

The orthogonal intersections of planes and volumes lead to the fragmentation of spaces as well as the creation of density through engulfing masses with the nature of these intersections and the joints in which they meet, helping to define or fragment spaces and create niches. On the site, this scaling of solids bridges literal spaces while also bridging the connection of people together through socialization along a controlled path. The intersections and extrusions on site also separate the land into a work/private area intended for use by the chef and her employees, who help to make the meals. In order to maximize views of the ocean, the site uses the technique of gradual scaling down of landscape levels as the spaces approach the water, with the landscape engulfing the structure more inland the most. The concept is inspired by the Japanese tradition of seasonal cherry blossom watching, in which families and friends gather together and share a meal under the pink rain. Similarly, this work encourages congregating together to enjoy a picnic style meal with the beautiful view of Venice beach under the warm, California Sun.