ARCH 500A: Comprehensive Architectural Design Gallery: Social Equity in Tall Timber

USC Social Justice Center

The USC Social Justice Center is designed to engage the community by creating multiple spaces for the residents to congregate in. The building conforms to the program required for the Social Justice Center while still keeping the overall footprint and scale of the building to a minimum so that the architecture is not overpowering. This is achieved by spreading the program of the building and utilizing below grade spaces so that the building can be as low as possible. In addition to addressing the context the building also uses multiple sustainable systems in an effort to reduce the overall carbon footprint. The building is designed using sustainable materials such as heavy timber and utilises a facade system to reduce utility costs. To further reduce the building footprint there are a series of photovoltaics that surround the building sides that get the most sunlight. Overall, the USC Social Justice Center is designed with both the community and the environment in mind.